Tips on Adsense Account Approval

Many publishers have had hitches whenever they tried to get approval to join Google AdSense. For you to be able to display Google ads from AdSense get permission from the Administration of the site you want to advertise from to let you place Google’s Java Script ad code. This code enables you to show ads, referral units and search boxes. Even if you don’t have a website you can still be approved to have an Adsense account. You are later trained on how to open your own site. A tool called blogger will help you get started online. Its templates are user friendly enabling you to get an account and set up your ads.

The page creator tool is what you should go for if you want more control and flexibility. It’s signed up for free so long as you have a Gmail account. Once you get started with your page site you don’t have to go through the natty and gritty of hiring a designer. This is because Google ads start displaying themselves on your page within no time. You must have a valid name to get your payments from Google ads that will appear on your page. For purposes of executing your payments you must give Google your valid URL address or else you will never be approved for an AdSense account.

Google is not in the habit of giving payments to people who have sites that are not fully launched so make sure you work on the basics before you submit your site for cash flows. Google will never approve your AdSense account for payment if you don’t have unique content on it. Ensure that you don’t just create a site for Google traffic search engines. This is discouraged to ensure people who get paid are serious with what they are doing. In addition your site will never be approved if you are going to use your local dialect rather than one of the internationally recognized languages.

Be careful not to get involved in a pay to site. For instance Hub pages say they will be able to create an AdSense account for you if you sign up for them as an affiliate. Once Google discovers that you are encouraging people to drive more traffic to your site through paying them for surfing or clicking on links on your site they will not approve you for an AdSense account. Ensure you give Google a valid address so that they can get mails to you for purposes of payments.

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