How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved With A Little Trick

The simple tricks in which you can get your adsense account approved for Google wit ease include having as little as 5 posts on your adsense account blog post. In addition if you are using a personal domain rather than being hosted by another web then you raise chances of approval by a very big margin. Getting a free domain name may seem complicated but there are many online webhosters who can offer free domain s to anyone who approaches them. In the earlier days of adsense account creation BlogSpot was where one was to be verified and approved for this program depending with the number of posts they have.

Today Google does not favor adsense accounts from Blog spots easily. They have to go through the accreditation procedure that everyone is subjected to. Though approval for BlogSpot is easily achieved by anyone. As you ensure you have the right amount of content don’t forget to place enough images and graphics. This is because some people place a lot of text and forget that even videos and images matter a lot. Your links should be systematic with your theme. You don’t place a link on love and when someone clicks it he finds religious festivals on your site. This is not only absurd but unprofessional in itself.

Ensure that your Google adsense account reflects the right key word as reflected in your theme. Your content shouldn’t be scattered it should be unique and of high quality and quantity. Don’t use lots of unnecessary bluffs they would only serve to bring spammed messages to your site which will block Google’s adverts. When Google notices that this is what you have done they won’t approve you’re your application for Google adsense. Also ensure ensure that your account has been at least hosted for close to six months.

As is the case with standard adsense rules don’t use copied text foe this is not only irregular but could land you in jail for plagiarism. If suied you may end up paying hefty sums of money. At this point in time where you are already approved once you get into such a mistake you may be banned by Google for life. Always ensure that your text doesn’t have grammatical errors or such simple mistakes may land you in trouble. For once your account is blacklisted getting approve may take years for they believe that you are not serious for failing to follow simple instructions.

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